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General Tips

  • Double tap on target square speeds up unit movement.
  • Your unit can push friendly units and structures without causing them direct damage.
  • Game progress automatically saved on app exit.
  • Don't exit the game while enemy turn or teleporting, otherwise your progress will be deleted.
  • Collision of two force fields in one square leads to annihilation.
  • Any type of field protects droids from being hacked and unhacked.
  • Sometimes falling droids damage level blocks, but more often not.
  • "Droid Control" ability upgrades every 4 levels of your hero.
  • Watch ads between levels - bonuses make it easier to complete the game.


If your unit has no one to attack, try to break the formation of structures that stand next to each other (you can push them without damage, or use telekinesis). This way, there is less chance that these structures will be destroyed by one explosion or push.

It is also worth moving structures away from the edges of the field so that they do not fall due to an accidental explosion.





It makes sense to hack Shooter from the start. At the beginning, he has attack of only 2 hits, and it will be difficult to play, since Den will often have to help him. But if you purposefully upgrade him, then by the 5-7 level of the game he will become the main killer of your team (when his attack is upgraded to 3, he will destroy everyone with one shot, except for the Pusher, and with attack of 4 Pusher will burn too). The main advantage of upgraded Shooter is that he can burn out any droid with surgical precision, without unnecessary explosions and bounces. This becomes especially important at high levels, when the entire field is filled with structures and units, and when one accidental push can lead to such a chain explosions that there will be no one and nothing left.



This droid is capable of breaking all your efforts and sending you to Game Over. High-level kamikazes are especially dangerous - level 4 blows half the field. Therefore, when such droid appears, it is best to immediately safely throw him off the field into the Void, or destroy him before he gets too close to the structures.