Drunken Ragdoll Fighting – ver. 1.0 released

My ragdoll beat ’em up brawler continues to develop. A few days ago new update came out, where there were many changes. Such as:
– Added new levels and enemies
– Added new strikes like Hurricane kick and others
– Improved controls
– Added controls tutorial
– Added shop with groin shell and other stuff
– Improved drunk effect

On some changes, I have encouraged by detailed review from WN Media Group, who arranged a festival for developers “Publish Me!”
It is very important to receive good feedback from players. In this review they pointed to some critical problems, which ruined my game.There are broken controls, no tutorial, etc. In this update I fixed most of them. Thank you very much WN Media Group!
In future updates I plan to add more levels and finish the story of the Alco brawler. I think to continue developing it in September. Now I’m moving 1 Day Later to PC platform, since I’m going to publish the game on Steam, and the continuation, 2 Days Later will be released on Steam. Google Play is not worth the time spent.