Escape the hospital full of zombies in a stealth puzzle action game with many levels.

Drunk street brawler – active ragdoll fighting.

2D Hardcore turn-based roguelike tactics. Completely free and offline.

Crowdfunded for the sequel: 2 Days Later


The game 1 Day Later is very unprofitable. It took me 8 months to make it. Ads and in-app purchases bring me about $20 a month. If you like the game and wish to help in sequel production – you can donate in the final menu of the game, or directly to PayPal. Goal is $3000. At reaching $1000 I will start to make the game and will not starve to death while programming 🙂 The second part will be done much faster, as the main game mechanics are ready – about 4 months. Thanks!


👉1 Day Later: Escape Zombie Hospital 👈 on Steam!

Coming soon! 1 Day Later: Escape Zombie Hospital will be released on Steam! Now you can play this game on PC. There will be improvements - multiple savegames, more coins, no micro-transactions, no ads, etc. Release planned on December 2. You can add this game to wishlist here:
Drunken Ragdoll Fighting

Drunken Ragdoll Fighting – ver. 1.0 released

My ragdoll beat 'em up brawler continues to develop. A few days ago new update came out, where there were many changes. Such as: - Added new levels and enemies - Added new strikes like Hurricane kick and others - Improved controls - Added controls tutorial - Added shop...

2 Days Later postponed, Ragdoll Fighter underway

Unfortunately, crowdfunding campaign for the 1 Day Later sequel is unsuccessful. I don't know what is the reason, but last 2 months nobody donated even the dollar. On September - $26, and after - 0. So I decided to make another game, Drunk Ragdoll Fighter, that hopefully will allow...

«1 день спустя» – 2 недели после релиза, итоги

Дорогие друзья, все кому нравятся мои игры. Меня зовут Александр, я начал делать игры полтора года назад. Решил завести блог, в котором я буду делиться своими планами, текущими разработками и прочими новостями о моих играх. Итак, 2 недели назад я наконец-то доделал до конца свою вторую игру - 1...